The KnowledgeWell Concept

Leveraging Intangible Assets for Tangible Results

Executive Director Lisa McFarland


is the actualization of a unique business model stemming from knowledge learned at UNC Business School’s Exec MBA Program. The first three proofs of concept- international, domestic and virtual ventures-  were launched and led by UNC Business School Alumni. The model delivers value to all stakeholders in nonprofit, public and private sectors by leveraging an entity’s intangible assets.
The model, following years of Action Research (thanks to early advisor Marc-Michael Bergfeld PhD) has led to a unique business solution for new or existing ventures.

The model is sustainable and can deliver organic growth, without access to traditional resources, through the creation of value delivering networks and leveraging other intangible assets. Within its first year,
launched multiple international projects. It delivered expertise in face to face international meetings with professionals representing 20
different nationalities. Thanks to the model, all accomplished with no capacity building grants, donations, traditional marketing tools or a web presence in its first three years. Additionally, Board members and other close stakeholders were forbidden to donate funds during first five years.The model was successfully replicated, with a  student led learning experience, in two new ventures- FarmingWell and ClimateWell.

1st Year- Countries Served
1st Year- Nationalities Served
$ 12597895
1st Year- Traditional Resources Needed
$ 0 M
Value Volunteers Delivered- First Decade
Events & Trainings- First Decade

The KnowledgeWell model delivers sustainable solutions for your organization- pre and post launch


Conducting Evaluation of the organization

Our team of experts create an evaluation of your organization. This becomes the benchmark for measuring value created for your enterprise.


Creating tools for larger change

A series of tools are customized to the needs of your organization.


Tapping the voice and power of the ecosystem

Metrics regarding each stakeholder determine the value gained. These metrics are then applied to the overall network and ecosystem of the organization.


Constructing new pathway forward

The path forward is designed to keep the organization’s vision core without sacrificing sustainability.

A strong sustainable business model and project team leadership are key to success!

Executive Director Lisa McFarland

Lisa McFarland

Executive Director

McFarland, a CPA, graduated from UNC Business School’s Executive MBA Program and has worked for international firms such as NorTel and Grifols. In addition to MNC experience, McFarland has worked with SMEs internationally. In the public sector, McFarland created tools for national executive leadership during the PIF in Palau. These tools helped Ministers capture and roll up data needed for decision making.

Risks to the Vision and Sustainability of the organization are the most serious issues.

These issues make every other challenge more difficult. Organizations must strike a balance between Vision and Sustainability.