What our team can do for you based on the KnowledgeWell model:

New Venture- Whether nonprofit or private sector, we can help instill your values into the DNA of the
organization in a manner that the demands on the organization’s operations and funding requirements
do not eroded the vision and mission of the organization. Our model helps the venture insulate its vision
and mission from the expected demand for resources. In its 15 years of international launch,
KnowledgeWell has never had its mission diluted by the demand for more resources.

State/Local Government- through our years of serving small governments by KnowledgeWell.org’s
delivering expertise internationally for over 15 years, we can offer an objective strategy to meet your
needs and create the relationships in the private sector that you need for success. As an aside, in 2012,
KnowledgeWell coined the term GSR- Government Social Responsibility (thanks to pilot with NC
Transportation Secretary Eugene Conti) which empowered the State government to deliver value to
minority, unemployed college graduates.

Community organization, NGOs, Non-profits, Advocacy Groups- As the KnowledgeWell model is
proven over the past 15 years, we can help your organization further its cause- even if you have very
little money or other resources. Whether it is an international launch like KnowledgeWell.org or a virtual
launch like ClimateWell.org, our team can help you do more with less and keep your mission the primary
focus of your organization.

SME- Our team can help you pursue growth strategies with limited resources by leveraging your
intangible assets. We provide the tools and team with you in conducting action research on your own
organization. With a track record of serving domestic and international SMEs in multiple industries, our
team can help with shoring up or growing entities.

MNC- No matter the size of your corporation, there are always constraints on bandwidth and resources.
The KnowledgeWell strategic model allows for new lead generation and potential growth paths for the
corporation. Our strategy and tools allow for new market and marketing returns with limited resources.
Our team has experience consulting with Fortune 1000 as well as former WW leadership of Fortune 100

We measure our strategy’s success for your organization. In most cases, we are able to provide a
guarantee for our work.

KnowledgeWell Volunteer Team Visits Monoliths In Republic of Palau in 2020

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Institute for Social Change and Sustainability

Matter of issues of sustainability


The ISCH explores the interdependence of the development of modern societies and their discourses and politics of sustainability. It approaches issues of sustainability, which elsewhere are often addressed from a natural sciences, economic or technological point of view, from an explicitly social scientific perspective. Social change is not primarily a normative demand for us, but we conceptualise it first and foremost as an ever evolving reality, the causes, implications and effects of which we only partially understand. Accordingly, our key question is how this evolutionary change constantly remoulds the conditions for a successful politics of sustainability, and how it changes the understanding of sustainability itself.  

We depend on well-led and well-managed grantees


Confronting racial and generational gaps

The Institute for Social Change is embedded in the Department of Socio-economics, which has a established focus on issues of sustainability in its teaching programmes.


Creating tools for larger change

Indeed, the Department hosts a number of Chairs and Institutes specialising on particular aspects of sustainability. 


Tapping the voice and power of constituents

What is being considered as sustainable, where societal perceptions of unsustainability emerge


Building productive relationships

Sustainability is an idea and project that is based on determined and socially negotiated values which keep societal development proceeds.

Strong organisation and project team is a key for success!

Successfully Finished Transforms 92%
Personal Bankruptcy Closed 49%
Law Cases Approved 67%
Fiskal Empowered Organizations 76%

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The housing crisis is the most serious issue.

Issue that is making every other challenge harder, particularly for low-income families. This critical effort holds great promise for finding local and regional solutions.